Why Would You Want to Make Money Online?

   Making money online by internet marketing is a new and exciting business. There are many advantages to setting up an internet based business Let's try and compare it to a traditional business and see where the differences and similarities are.

Business Plans

Before starting any business you should create a business plan. This plan needs to define your goals, targets and ways to execute your plan. Who is your market? What products are you going to sell? Why will people buy from you? You need to include a project plan with time based targets. You need to list all of the costs associated with the business, and define target sales and profits. Then produce a sales/costs/profit forecasts which will be how you measure the success or failure of the business.

This is no different if it were a traditional business or an internet based one. You must have a plan!

Setting Up the Business

Here there are major differencecarchula.com. With a traditional company you may require premises, staff, furniture, transport, warehousing, training, stationary etc etc.

With an internet based business your start up costs can be as little as a computer and an internet connection. Most of the information you need to start the business can be found on the internet. It is in the opinion of the author that you should get the best training available as well. Do your research and find the right people to help you.  


Marketing to your clients can be very expensive in a traditional business. You may require brochures, exhibitions, traditional advertising etc. You access to your clients is limited by physical media.


I hope is is clear from what has been discussed above that the costs of setting up a new internet business are far less than a traditional oneecijabalompie.com. You require no premises, no staff, no transport and many other things. Now of course if you become hugely successful then you will need these things anyway. But with an internet business you can scale upwards in a more controlled manner.

Profits & Cash Flow

With an internet business access to your clients is very easy and your distribution method is through the internet. You can contact millions of people very quickly through email and web site. The whole process of purchasing your products is extremely simple using 3rd party tools that allow you to take credit card payments and present your products and services.

Cash flow problems are minimal because as soon as a customer purchased a product you get credited with the payment. There is no need for invoicing. This money is then sent directly to your bank in a few days/weeks. Because the client has paid instantly you know that money is there. If you use a third party payment collector then you just wait for them to send the money to you.

With a traditional business it can be a nightmare to collect monies owed, especially in a time like this where cash flow is difficult.

Execution of Business

Well with no staff required, all your execution is done on the internet. Once you have built your websites, selected your products and your payment collection system, the rest is automatic. They only require occasional modification.

With a traditional business there are many things in the real world that can go wrong. Machinery can break, staff get sick or leave, and many other factors you have to consider.


Advertising in a traditional business normally is through newspapers, specialist magazines, exhibitions, radio and television.

An internet business uses (guess what) the internet! Is fast, easy, and billions of people use it around the world. The costs of accessing those clients is much less than in a traditional business. In fact it is possible to access millions of people for free as long as you do your research.

Measurement Of Success

One of the most powerful reasons why marketing on the internet is measurement. If you advertise in multiple newspapers and magazines like a traditional business, then it is very difficult to measure how successful a particular campaign has been.

With the nature of the internet, every time someone access a web page it is trackable. This means for every advertising campaign that you placed on the internet, you will know how many people looked at it, and how many people bought a product with it.

That is priceless to any business. It is very easy to experiment and test out new ideas. It gives you huge power and flexibility.


Like any other business though, making money online takes time and you need to train yourself. It is important to invest in the right research, training courses and talk to the right people. Do your research, don't be afraid to ask questions.

There are millions of websites out there that will aim to help you. Ask around to find the best ones. Please PM me if you would like any advice or check out the link below, which has an excellent training program and ready to use internet businesses where you can start earning money very quickly.